News & Events: Student Research Week 2013

SRW posters

This year Student Research Week (SRW) celebrated its 16th year under the direction of Vineet Bhambhani, a second year PPiB student. Held at the Memorial Student Center from March 26th to March 29th, the theme of SRW 2013, inspired from Steve Jobs’ ideology, was “Where Curiosity Speaks.”

SRW provides students of Texas A&M University an interactive platform to share their ideas and present research via oral presentation and poster presentation. SRW is open to students from all fields—from history, fine arts, and psychology to astronomy, engineering, business and biology.

“SRW 2013 was a great success,” says Bhambhani.  Many students participated— 600 as competitors, 200 as judges and 300 volunteers—and there was an increase in the number of faculty members who joined this annual event as judges. This year some of the industrial professionals also attended SRW.

Bhambhani directed SWR through the auspices of the Adult, Graduate, and Off Campus Student Services in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life at Texas A&M University.  Sponsors of the SRW include the TAMU Graduate Student Council and Student Service Fee as well as industrial sponsors VWR International, Fisher Scientific, Bioline and BioTek.


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