News & Events: PPIB student wins The Raymond Ideas Challenge video pitch award

Each spring semester, The Mays Business School at Texas A&M University asks students to submit their next big business idea. Students from all levels and departments are encouraged to participate since this is an excellent learning opportunity for students to improve their writing abilities, pitch presentation and networking skills. The panel of judges includes entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, faculty members and subject matter experts.This year participants had an opportunity to  attend workshops on entrepreneurship and submit written proposals describing their ideas. Two PPiB students Ms. Utkarsha Niphadkar and Ms. Kiran Ramchandani were among the top 40 finalists invited to present their ideas. The final round included a venture-pitch to a panel of judges followed by Q & A. Ideas Challenge 2014 also included a 2 minute video presentation.

Ms. Kiran Ramchandani, a 2014 PPiB graduate, received  third prize in Ideas Challenge 2014 for her video pitch titled “Symbiot – A Biotech Venture”.

I was working on this idea in a team of 3 students for one of the business classes – MGMT 637 Foundations of Entrepreneurship taught by Dr. Richard Lester. The team included Kamran Abbas, a 2013 PPiB Graduate. Since my team members had graduated, I carried forward the project ahead and decided to participate in the Ideas Challenge 2014. The class was very helpful and it allowed us to think about potential challenges that entrepreneurs face,” Ms. Ramchandani  said.



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